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The group was established in autumn 1998 by three close friends in Helsinki, Finland. Their distinct aim was to create a musical taste of their own, without compromising with one of music’s main roles – as they see it – as a spiritually uplifting and liberating experience. Upon the first public performances, the trio was joined by a vocalist and a keyboardist. Although Positive Wave has featured several musicians over the years (e.g. flutist, percussionist and several saxophonists) its core group – or the nucleus of artistic creation – has kept on making and experimenting with music, performing gigs, and rehearsing meticulously in order to reach and enjoy new musical horizons. For Positive Wave, the most important issue is, and has always been, to make music that fills the co-musicians’ and the audiences’ hearts with joy, happiness and love.

Positive Wave is deeply grateful to its past members and everyone of its fans and friends who have helped their positive message to come across.